Monday, 20 August 2012

'When you finally find whats beauutifuul...'

Sooo, guess what guyss...

 On Wednesday I met Angel, the love of my life heehe just kidding but seriously he is amazee! He's a singer/ songwriter/ producer I've posted about him before so check out older posts. The day was brill he sang a couple songs and answered a few questions so chilled out loved it!

 Just wanted to share my outfit I wore on that day. I finally got a Camo Jacket and I think I've fallen in love with it... I was soo tempted to get a vintage one but it never felt quite right but this one is perfecto. But I am thinking of accessorising it with some badges or sumthin different everyone is doing studs lately.. any suggestions leave a comment :)

The jacket is from Topshop £48.00 quite light and so easy to style I just chuck random things on with it but it has been so hot lately so I haven’t worn it that much -__-

Leggings (Topshop), Camo Jacket (Topshop), Top (Vintage), Vans (Footasylum)

And finally the pic everyone has been waiting for *drumroll*

Ta dahh! Ahhh he’s so beautt!
If you haven’t heard his single ‘Wonderful’ you must have been living in a cave check it out NOW –

Also Angel’s SBTV A64 of 'Wonderful' with Ed Sheeran and Michel Kiwanuka -

And finally Angel ft Chip ‘How Can I Lose’ with a Cameo from Eddie Kadi (watch out for his killer dance moves) -

Thankss for reading :)
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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Lazy Oaf Watercolor Slob Tee Cont'd.

So I got this top about a month ago it's my fave top right now. Love Lazy Oaf very muchly.
I kinda over-edited the pics but heyy ho.

Worn with leggings and Black vans :)

Primark backpack £9.00

This top is literally SO comfy and I personally love the baggy fit. I got it in the July sales and they have another sale on now so check out the tee's they are tres chic ;)

Thanks for reading the blog almost at 2,000 views wooo go go go!!
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Monday, 23 July 2012

House Of Holland Superga's

Been holding back on the posts lately so not happy with myself about that. Gonna try and do loads of posts throughout summer or maybe just this week whilst the HOT weather lasts :)

This is a quick post about the House of Holland Superga's which I found out about at the beginning of the month but never posted about. the are really beaut need to get myself a pair as soon as the cash starts flowing in ;)

Take a look most are £70.00 really summery and in the flatform style which is taking over the scene.

My faves are the pastel blue polka dot ones deffo an eye catcher and really cute! They are £70.00 I think so kinda worth the investment for a alternative summer shoe.

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Monday, 2 July 2012

Reunited.../Topshop Sale

Hey lovely peoples,

It has actually been ages since I have had the time to do a proper blog post been super busy after exams finished. By the way I loved the responses from people to the outfit photos I took maybe more of those sort of posts to come.

Today I just purchased my Lazy Oaf 'Watercolour Slob tee' which I have talked about in another post so hopefully it will arrive in a few days eeek! Exciteeed.

Anyway to more important stuff......SALES SALES SALES. Checked out the topshop sale in Oxford Street about a week ago and it was meentalll. If you really search you'll be able to make some good purchases. I bought a dress and an ear cuff (i've wanted one for agesss)! woo!

Ear Cuff £4.25

Dress £15.00 - (I love the pattern)
Bag - H&M  £10.00

Sales are definitely worth checking out even if things aren't in season you can still grab a few goodies go go go guys!

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Saturday, 2 June 2012

UO, Creepers love.

I forgot to say happy June & Jubilee weekend guys :)
In my previous post I showed the leggings that I bought from urban outfitters, I've received loads of lovely compliments when wearing them so I thought I would take a picture for you guys.

The pic below is from a few weeks ago, love this baggy vintage jumper teamed with Creepers of course. 

Thanks, @Misaayy xxx

'i got it from my mamma'

Heey, just a quick post, showing some of my buys over like the past week or two.

So I went shopping yesterday yaay! It was also the last day of college :( I'm secretly sad about that but anyways yaay. Saw this bucket bag in H&M and I had to have it, I thought it was £14.99 but got to the till and it was actually a tenner!*hallelujah* How good is that? God knew I was on a budget and saved my ass ;) !

Anyhoo the leggings were also a bargain £10 from Urban Outfitters website but had to pay for postage *deep sigh*. The tank is also £10 from Topshop and perfect for this lovely warm weather. the black tank bottom left is vintage darlinng :) sings "I got it from my mammaa".

This is what I wore with my Topshop tank, it was a Topshop kinda day. Footwear - Creepers obviii.

Excuse the quality of the camera, its my shitberry :/ I was in a rush.
Thanks for reading, looking, peering..
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Friday, 18 May 2012


As you guys know it is exam season so my post are a bit infrequent, I'm just posting whenever I have a spare moment. I was supposed to do this post weeks ago buutt, better late than never, Right?

Camo jackets are really starting to pop up everywhere now. If you haven't already seen the Camo F2 Surplus jacket on Urban Outfitters i think you might have been hibernating for the past few months or so... But yeah vintage camo jackets are deffo the one! ASOS Marketplace is like a saver of life, they have camo jackets on there for like £25.00 I've been eyeing up one for about a month now, i don't know if it will suit me and then last week I saw a girl in Topshop wearing it and then I saw blog posts about hers and I'm thinking it was deffo a sign for me to purchasee so look out peoples.

Beaut right?! :)
@Misaayy xxx

psstt. thankyouu for all the lovely comments and follows i appreciate it :) you guys have some awesome blogs btw!!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Jeepers CREEPERS!.

Hiyaa lovelies,
Finally got me creepers took me a while to actually like the shoes but I couldn't resist. Some people have a lot of hate for creepers, I was one of those people but I have been swayed. Just put your feet into a pair and you will see why, they are super comfy and so easy to wear.
I have some things in my wardrobe that I could see matching these, but my wardrobe does need a rejuvenation to be honest, hopefully these will do the trick!! They were only £32.00 from Parmers Shoes, almost half the price of the original Underground Wulfrun Creepers. Who btw do the best light pink creepers on ASOS that I fell in love with but they are £89.00 :( waaahhh. My purse can not take it!

So yeah there you have it, my creepers.

I'm hoping to get up some pics of my outfits with these, so lookout for some post very soon!

Thanks for reading!
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Monday, 7 May 2012

topshop Glittery Loafers

Topshop have done it again I am really loving their stuff even the things that aren't in season that I never noticed until I browsed long and hard. Okay take a look at the bad boys.

You love right? Well I love. They are £30.00 bargain!

More posts coming soon, thanks for reading @Misaayy xxx 

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Topshop Love Heart Leggings & Top

Love these so much, it was featured in my wishlist (see previous post) it was all blurry and annoying. Anyways this matching outfit deserved a post of its own. Tell me you love it coz i love it.!
If I do purchase I cant see me wearing both together at the same time lol :D

@Misaayy xxx

'If I had one wish'....


Did a quick little wishlist of everything that caught my eye on the Topshop website. I was gonna do a post about the Underground Pink Creepers from ASOS but they have gone out of stock so there would be no point waahhh :( I was so close to buying them today, size 6 came back in stock as well damn it!

Oh and btw the dress on the left is actually a Motel dress but can be found on Topshop. Enjoy lovely peoplesss ..! And excuse the blurry pic i will post another pic on a separate post :)

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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Lazy Oaf | Watercolour Slob Tee

Just a quick post. Lovve lazy oaf, love this top. It's £35.00. I have seen a similar colured top on ASOS for cheaper but that one was tie dye so it just depends what you prefer. This top just makes me think of summer and sunshine rather than the horrible weather we're having now.

Click the link if you wanna purchase :)

Lazy Oaf | Watercolour Slob Tee

Thank you for reading :)
Blogs gone past a 1000 views now eeekk!! So happy *booty shakes*
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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Dahlia Spot Denim Skater Dress with Cross Back

Love, love, love this dress by Dahlia. Definitely one of my faves for summer. It would go great with these sparkly loafers I've seen from TopShop.
Absolutely adore Dahlia's clothing!
This dress is £58 it seems like its so worth it, now I just need money to purchase ;)

Click the link below to get to the lovely Dahlia website..

Dahlia Spot Denim Skater Dress with Cross Back

Enjoy Beauts. Love @Misaayy xxx

Topshop Bracelet Cont'd

Aloha peoples,
just thought I would take a picture of my bracelets for you guys to see what I rambling on about in my last post.

I got both of these bracelets for £4.00 (BARGAIN) Topshop Sale.

Ignore the Tophop website in the background, I was doing a bit of cheeky online browsing instead of revision. Lol.

Hope you like, please share the blog guys I'm still tryna make the blog look snazzy. So any ideas would be welcome find me on twitter @Misaayy.  

Love xxx

Monday, 16 April 2012

Topshop Peace Bracelet

Just a quick post about this really cute Topshop bracelet. It's only £4.00 I have the version which says 'Wot Eva' and another that says 'OMG' very Essex but I love it. The 'OMG' bracelet is more colourful but this peace one could be really nice teamed with loads of other different coloured bracelets. The more the better ;)

So yep that is all I had to say hopefully more blog posts coming soon. Give me a follow or a comment and I'm working on making the blog look better so if you have any tips find me on twitter @Misaayy
I have woked out that I cannot spell bracelet from this blog post! Thank God for Spell check.

Muchoo love xxx

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Cannot believe I was so slow finding out about this wacky, incredible and fantastic clothing.
You have to be so bold and daring to wear their quirky,bright, patterned clothing but they are amazeballs!!
I literally was like a kid in a sweetshop when I went on their website I wanted EVERYTHING!
Check out the website I guarantee you will feel the same way..


Those are just a few photos from their SS12 Lookbook. Aaamazing photography by Bella Howard.

So if any lazy oaf colleagues/ designers are reading my blog post and can see how much of a fan I am weeell hows about you send me some cheeky samples :) just a bit of everything yeh. Thanks :P

@Misaayy xxx

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Motel Aztec Dress.

This dress is beaut! I had to post about it.
It's from ASOS but it by Motel. You can find mini skirts, tops and leggings designed with this same colourful Aztec print on the Motel Rocks website.

The print is really playful and bold but not tooo bold. Love it! Made into a midi dress its very sophisticated but the racer back makes it very sexy so could be worn on a night out. They also have this in bodycon style on the Motel website so click the link above to search for the dress.

Enjoy guys. @Misaayy xxx

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hackney's Big Weekend 2012

Oh my! Once you see this line up there is really nothing else for me to say. I just have to be there.

Did you click the link? Did you see the awesomeness? I will actually cry if I do not get tickets :(
AZEALIA BANKS is going to be there Rizzle 'freakin' Kicks, JESSIE J, Tinie Tempah, Labrinth, D'banj, Wretch 32, Mindless Behvior,  bbk, DJ Fresh, Ed Sheeran, Emeli Sande, Chip, need I go on really that's already a dream line up!!!!

And guess what... tickets are FREE guys! But obviously not everybody who registers will get tickets priority is given to those lucky lucky people who live in the five Olympic borough's and obv in Hackney.

Just wanted to share my amazement with you all, before I hyperventilate due to my excitement!

Thanks for reading @Misaayy xxx

pssst..Leave a comment if you can't believe the talent in this line up!

Angel.- Hot for 2012

Heeey lovely peopless,
I haven't done a music related blog post in a while and if you read some of my older posts you may have seen me talking about my musical love 'Angel'! He is just utterly immense. I've had a crush on him for goodness knows how long, his voice is ridiculously brilliant.

Check one of his many A64's
After that you'll understand my addiction to his voice :)

He is really going places this year if you haven't heard his single 'Go In Go Hard' with Wretch 32 you must have been sleeping for the past month. The single is going to feature on the Streetdance 2 soundtrack woop woop! He is going to be at Wireless Festival as well *dances* !!

Yepp I think I've covered  most things check out my other blog post for more links to his you tube vids or just check out his blog

Thanks for reading, @Misaayy xxx

Keep calm and love Angel!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Womens Air Max 90 VT

Love these Air Max's SO much this is the only place I could find them, they are beaut! I think I'm turning into a trainer girl *gasps*!

Thanks for reading @Misaayy xxx

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Item Five.

Prints, prints, prints is all what it's about this season. If you're shy it's time to become bold because all the chain prints I've seen on the high street require confidence! Werrk it Girls :P
Anyhoo back to my point, I think this River Island jumper is fab, it's so great for this weather, cool and swarve at the same time :)


Love it and it £40.00 deffo worth it though.
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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Item four.

This ring is too cool. Love it! *claps* Good one River Island.

Mucho Love @Misaayy xxx

Monday, 6 February 2012

Item three- Nike Blazer Hi Vintage Suede.

Nike BLAZER HI SUEDE VNTAGE OBSIDIAN/SAIL Shoes - Nike Trainers - Office Shoes

Love these. Couldnt find a good picture but click the link above :)
Last year they were so popular in the other colours like green, purple and navy but these colours have become really hard to find. But this new colour is lovely. I feel they are really cute and can be girly and edgy at the same depending on what you wear them with, I would suggest some rolled up navy jeans, printed shirt and a parka or leather jacket and really accessorise it up! They are basically £67.00 some places do it like two quid cheaper and some more expensive. Enjoyy.

Mwah @Misaayy xxxx

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Item Two

I'm a big fan of patterns and seeing this backpack I almost hyperventilated. ASOS have done it again! I love it love it love it.

It's £45.00 but I feel it is well worth the money. Backpacks are quite big right now and they are really cute and feminine without being too childish.

Enjoy loviees, @Misaayy tweet me any comments or just say hi. xxx

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Item One

I've had my eye on these leggings for a while they are beaut! Well done Miss Selfridge *claps*. Miss Selfridge's leggings have been HOT this season and really caught my attention. If you are looking for the wild outrageous prints then Miss Selfridge is definitely the place to go.
As I am only doing one item per day I have chosen my favourite pair for you guys to bog at. The chain print is very retro and something that has been seen on headscarves for a while so I'm glad they are transcending into clothing again and it is bang on trend and a very statement piece.


They are £20.00 such a bargain and if you still want an extra bargain you could  try blagging the 20% student discount offer that's going on as well which means they would be £16.00!!! If that isn't tempting then I think your bonkers!

Anyways enough from me. Enjoy guys Muchas Gracias for reading.

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So its February guys and I really want to get more commited to this blog..SO I have decided to start posting one item of clothing/accesories or whatever else I feel you need to purchase, everyday for the whole of February. And yes we are already four days into Feb but I can't go back in time so I will start my 'one item a day' thing from now :)

Monday, 9 January 2012

Music for 2012!

My first blog post in 2012 :)) Bit late but never mind!
So in 2011 I came across some really amazing artist who are sure to blow up this year!!

1. Encore
When I went to see Jessie J on of her support acts was Encore, they are a group of three with super vocals (Mark & Cairo) and  a very talented rapper (Pierre). p.s. ladiess they are also really HOT! Their most recent mix tape 'Bread & Butter' is simply delicious my fave song is 'Hands High' but it changes on a daily basis :P And their new single 'Fun last night' is going to be out in Feb so check out the music video, preorder, stalk their tweets :// whatever floats your boat really, just get to know about them cause they are beaut! - 'Fun Last Night' 

2. Angel
Talented is like an understatement! He has the best vocal range eveeerr! On you tube he covered Prince's 'Most Beautiful Girl' and I was seriously blown away. I will try post the link and his other older songs like 'Go' and 'Julie' have become my absolute favvess. His EP '7 minutes before time' have some brilliant collabs Mark Asari (from Encore), Cleo Sol (who is a babeee!), Giggs, Sneakbo and more. So yess check that out! - 'Most Beautiful Girl In the World'

3. Bluey Robinson (Last but not least)
I've mentioned Bluey on my blog before and words just can't describe him... But I shall still talk about him hehe. He has been opening acts for Justin Bieber, Miguel and Alexis Jordan. You may have heard his song 'Showgirl' on the TalkTalk adverts which sponsor the X Factor, and well if you didn't hear it then you missed out...Soz. But yeah he is gifted with an amazing voice and he is deffo gonna be even bigger this year so look out for him.
One of my faves is his acoustic of 'Showgirl' it makes me smile every time!!

All of the above artist are going to be performing during Feb at HMV's Next Big Thing' at loads of different venue and its only £10!! Check out the website for more details

I think Bluey Robinson tickets have sold out already *cries* But there are plenty of other artists who are amazingly talented that will be performing.

Other artist who I think are really gonna get bigger this year are:
Childish Gambino ( Dunno if I've spelt it right but yeh :S )
Lana Del Ray
Cleo Sol ( like I said before baaabee! )
Jermaine Riley
Talay Riley
Loick Essien  (Also at HMV Next Big Thing)
Labrinth (He's already blowing up!) (Also at HMV Next Big Thing)
Yasmin (Talked about her before, she's amaze *sings 'I just wanna light up the woorrllldd'*) (Also at HMV Next Big Thing)
L Marshall (He was on Wretch 32 'Traktor') (Also at HMV Next Big Thing)
Teyanna Taylor (yehh BOO!)
Karmin (they've did that amazing cover of Chris Brown's 'Look at me now' with the rap part :O)

There are sooo many more comment if you think anybody else should have made my mini list.

Mucho Gracias for reading. @Misaayy xxxx