Monday, 2 July 2012

Reunited.../Topshop Sale

Hey lovely peoples,

It has actually been ages since I have had the time to do a proper blog post been super busy after exams finished. By the way I loved the responses from people to the outfit photos I took maybe more of those sort of posts to come.

Today I just purchased my Lazy Oaf 'Watercolour Slob tee' which I have talked about in another post so hopefully it will arrive in a few days eeek! Exciteeed.

Anyway to more important stuff......SALES SALES SALES. Checked out the topshop sale in Oxford Street about a week ago and it was meentalll. If you really search you'll be able to make some good purchases. I bought a dress and an ear cuff (i've wanted one for agesss)! woo!

Ear Cuff £4.25

Dress £15.00 - (I love the pattern)
Bag - H&M  £10.00

Sales are definitely worth checking out even if things aren't in season you can still grab a few goodies go go go guys!

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