Friday, 18 May 2012


As you guys know it is exam season so my post are a bit infrequent, I'm just posting whenever I have a spare moment. I was supposed to do this post weeks ago buutt, better late than never, Right?

Camo jackets are really starting to pop up everywhere now. If you haven't already seen the Camo F2 Surplus jacket on Urban Outfitters i think you might have been hibernating for the past few months or so... But yeah vintage camo jackets are deffo the one! ASOS Marketplace is like a saver of life, they have camo jackets on there for like £25.00 I've been eyeing up one for about a month now, i don't know if it will suit me and then last week I saw a girl in Topshop wearing it and then I saw blog posts about hers and I'm thinking it was deffo a sign for me to purchasee so look out peoples.

Beaut right?! :)
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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Jeepers CREEPERS!.

Hiyaa lovelies,
Finally got me creepers took me a while to actually like the shoes but I couldn't resist. Some people have a lot of hate for creepers, I was one of those people but I have been swayed. Just put your feet into a pair and you will see why, they are super comfy and so easy to wear.
I have some things in my wardrobe that I could see matching these, but my wardrobe does need a rejuvenation to be honest, hopefully these will do the trick!! They were only £32.00 from Parmers Shoes, almost half the price of the original Underground Wulfrun Creepers. Who btw do the best light pink creepers on ASOS that I fell in love with but they are £89.00 :( waaahhh. My purse can not take it!

So yeah there you have it, my creepers.

I'm hoping to get up some pics of my outfits with these, so lookout for some post very soon!

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Monday, 7 May 2012

topshop Glittery Loafers

Topshop have done it again I am really loving their stuff even the things that aren't in season that I never noticed until I browsed long and hard. Okay take a look at the bad boys.

You love right? Well I love. They are £30.00 bargain!

More posts coming soon, thanks for reading @Misaayy xxx 

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Topshop Love Heart Leggings & Top

Love these so much, it was featured in my wishlist (see previous post) it was all blurry and annoying. Anyways this matching outfit deserved a post of its own. Tell me you love it coz i love it.!
If I do purchase I cant see me wearing both together at the same time lol :D

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'If I had one wish'....


Did a quick little wishlist of everything that caught my eye on the Topshop website. I was gonna do a post about the Underground Pink Creepers from ASOS but they have gone out of stock so there would be no point waahhh :( I was so close to buying them today, size 6 came back in stock as well damn it!

Oh and btw the dress on the left is actually a Motel dress but can be found on Topshop. Enjoy lovely peoplesss ..! And excuse the blurry pic i will post another pic on a separate post :)

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