Friday, 18 May 2012


As you guys know it is exam season so my post are a bit infrequent, I'm just posting whenever I have a spare moment. I was supposed to do this post weeks ago buutt, better late than never, Right?

Camo jackets are really starting to pop up everywhere now. If you haven't already seen the Camo F2 Surplus jacket on Urban Outfitters i think you might have been hibernating for the past few months or so... But yeah vintage camo jackets are deffo the one! ASOS Marketplace is like a saver of life, they have camo jackets on there for like £25.00 I've been eyeing up one for about a month now, i don't know if it will suit me and then last week I saw a girl in Topshop wearing it and then I saw blog posts about hers and I'm thinking it was deffo a sign for me to purchasee so look out peoples.

Beaut right?! :)
@Misaayy xxx

psstt. thankyouu for all the lovely comments and follows i appreciate it :) you guys have some awesome blogs btw!!

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