Wednesday, 11 September 2013

DIY: Bomber Jacket & Crop Top

So I've been making clothes again!
This time I've made a bomber type jacket with paisley quilted arms. And I've used same fabric from the shirt I made previously but to make a crop top.

Bomber Jackets are one thing you definitely need for autumn/winter! I will do a follow up post of the best bomber jackets I've seen around and about on the high street. 

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Last day of summer!

So today felt like summer was coming to an end it was soo hot! This midi dress has been my summer go to outfit!  The neon/ black print makes it so easy to accessorise and style! It's become a bit baggy but apart from that I love it! Excuse my pics don't know why I thought I was a model loool sigh.

Rocked it with my new babies, Topshop Aubrey boots and a vintage headscarf as my hair wasn't cooperating. If I want to feel more comfortable I wear the dress with my Glittery JuJu jellies or burgundy Puma Suedes. 

Dress- River Island 
Headscarf- Vintage 
Boots- Topshop 
Watch- Casio 

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