Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Item Five.

Prints, prints, prints is all what it's about this season. If you're shy it's time to become bold because all the chain prints I've seen on the high street require confidence! Werrk it Girls :P
Anyhoo back to my point, I think this River Island jumper is fab, it's so great for this weather, cool and swarve at the same time :)


Love it and it £40.00 deffo worth it though.
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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Item four.

This ring is too cool. Love it! *claps* Good one River Island.

Mucho Love @Misaayy xxx

Monday, 6 February 2012

Item three- Nike Blazer Hi Vintage Suede.

Nike BLAZER HI SUEDE VNTAGE OBSIDIAN/SAIL Shoes - Nike Trainers - Office Shoes

Love these. Couldnt find a good picture but click the link above :)
Last year they were so popular in the other colours like green, purple and navy but these colours have become really hard to find. But this new colour is lovely. I feel they are really cute and can be girly and edgy at the same depending on what you wear them with, I would suggest some rolled up navy jeans, printed shirt and a parka or leather jacket and really accessorise it up! They are basically £67.00 some places do it like two quid cheaper and some more expensive. Enjoyy.

Mwah @Misaayy xxxx

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Item Two

I'm a big fan of patterns and seeing this backpack I almost hyperventilated. ASOS have done it again! I love it love it love it.

It's £45.00 but I feel it is well worth the money. Backpacks are quite big right now and they are really cute and feminine without being too childish.

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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Item One

I've had my eye on these leggings for a while they are beaut! Well done Miss Selfridge *claps*. Miss Selfridge's leggings have been HOT this season and really caught my attention. If you are looking for the wild outrageous prints then Miss Selfridge is definitely the place to go.
As I am only doing one item per day I have chosen my favourite pair for you guys to bog at. The chain print is very retro and something that has been seen on headscarves for a while so I'm glad they are transcending into clothing again and it is bang on trend and a very statement piece.


They are £20.00 such a bargain and if you still want an extra bargain you could  try blagging the 20% student discount offer that's going on as well which means they would be £16.00!!! If that isn't tempting then I think your bonkers!

Anyways enough from me. Enjoy guys Muchas Gracias for reading.

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So its February guys and I really want to get more commited to this blog..SO I have decided to start posting one item of clothing/accesories or whatever else I feel you need to purchase, everyday for the whole of February. And yes we are already four days into Feb but I can't go back in time so I will start my 'one item a day' thing from now :)