Saturday, 1 October 2011

My October Outfit (for all weather) .!

Now we all know how weird England weather can be but 28degrees in beginning of October is crazy. And if you're like me you'll find it impossible to know what to wear in this freakish weather; so I have found one ideal outfit for this mad October from Topshop. It's not to pricey either.Weeey!

New York Print Tank Top £18.00

Black Aztec Print Leggings £20.00

Red Lipstick £8.00

This look can be worn in the heat with some Loafers or pumps and then in winter will a comfy cardie or coat and Chelsea boots.The red lipstick adds some edge to this outfit; but be warned only some people can rock red lipstick successfully. Can you?

This is just one outfit that I put together when looking through the Topshop website, if you want me to do any more comment or follow me on twitter @Misaayy :)

Mucho love xxx