Monday, 23 July 2012

House Of Holland Superga's

Been holding back on the posts lately so not happy with myself about that. Gonna try and do loads of posts throughout summer or maybe just this week whilst the HOT weather lasts :)

This is a quick post about the House of Holland Superga's which I found out about at the beginning of the month but never posted about. the are really beaut need to get myself a pair as soon as the cash starts flowing in ;)

Take a look most are £70.00 really summery and in the flatform style which is taking over the scene.

My faves are the pastel blue polka dot ones deffo an eye catcher and really cute! They are £70.00 I think so kinda worth the investment for a alternative summer shoe.

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Monday, 2 July 2012

Reunited.../Topshop Sale

Hey lovely peoples,

It has actually been ages since I have had the time to do a proper blog post been super busy after exams finished. By the way I loved the responses from people to the outfit photos I took maybe more of those sort of posts to come.

Today I just purchased my Lazy Oaf 'Watercolour Slob tee' which I have talked about in another post so hopefully it will arrive in a few days eeek! Exciteeed.

Anyway to more important stuff......SALES SALES SALES. Checked out the topshop sale in Oxford Street about a week ago and it was meentalll. If you really search you'll be able to make some good purchases. I bought a dress and an ear cuff (i've wanted one for agesss)! woo!

Ear Cuff £4.25

Dress £15.00 - (I love the pattern)
Bag - H&M  £10.00

Sales are definitely worth checking out even if things aren't in season you can still grab a few goodies go go go guys!

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