Thursday, 26 April 2012

Lazy Oaf | Watercolour Slob Tee

Just a quick post. Lovve lazy oaf, love this top. It's £35.00. I have seen a similar colured top on ASOS for cheaper but that one was tie dye so it just depends what you prefer. This top just makes me think of summer and sunshine rather than the horrible weather we're having now.

Click the link if you wanna purchase :)

Lazy Oaf | Watercolour Slob Tee

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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Dahlia Spot Denim Skater Dress with Cross Back

Love, love, love this dress by Dahlia. Definitely one of my faves for summer. It would go great with these sparkly loafers I've seen from TopShop.
Absolutely adore Dahlia's clothing!
This dress is £58 it seems like its so worth it, now I just need money to purchase ;)

Click the link below to get to the lovely Dahlia website..

Dahlia Spot Denim Skater Dress with Cross Back

Enjoy Beauts. Love @Misaayy xxx

Topshop Bracelet Cont'd

Aloha peoples,
just thought I would take a picture of my bracelets for you guys to see what I rambling on about in my last post.

I got both of these bracelets for £4.00 (BARGAIN) Topshop Sale.

Ignore the Tophop website in the background, I was doing a bit of cheeky online browsing instead of revision. Lol.

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Monday, 16 April 2012

Topshop Peace Bracelet

Just a quick post about this really cute Topshop bracelet. It's only £4.00 I have the version which says 'Wot Eva' and another that says 'OMG' very Essex but I love it. The 'OMG' bracelet is more colourful but this peace one could be really nice teamed with loads of other different coloured bracelets. The more the better ;)

So yep that is all I had to say hopefully more blog posts coming soon. Give me a follow or a comment and I'm working on making the blog look better so if you have any tips find me on twitter @Misaayy
I have woked out that I cannot spell bracelet from this blog post! Thank God for Spell check.

Muchoo love xxx

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Cannot believe I was so slow finding out about this wacky, incredible and fantastic clothing.
You have to be so bold and daring to wear their quirky,bright, patterned clothing but they are amazeballs!!
I literally was like a kid in a sweetshop when I went on their website I wanted EVERYTHING!
Check out the website I guarantee you will feel the same way..


Those are just a few photos from their SS12 Lookbook. Aaamazing photography by Bella Howard.

So if any lazy oaf colleagues/ designers are reading my blog post and can see how much of a fan I am weeell hows about you send me some cheeky samples :) just a bit of everything yeh. Thanks :P

@Misaayy xxx