Monday, 9 January 2012

Music for 2012!

My first blog post in 2012 :)) Bit late but never mind!
So in 2011 I came across some really amazing artist who are sure to blow up this year!!

1. Encore
When I went to see Jessie J on of her support acts was Encore, they are a group of three with super vocals (Mark & Cairo) and  a very talented rapper (Pierre). p.s. ladiess they are also really HOT! Their most recent mix tape 'Bread & Butter' is simply delicious my fave song is 'Hands High' but it changes on a daily basis :P And their new single 'Fun last night' is going to be out in Feb so check out the music video, preorder, stalk their tweets :// whatever floats your boat really, just get to know about them cause they are beaut! - 'Fun Last Night' 

2. Angel
Talented is like an understatement! He has the best vocal range eveeerr! On you tube he covered Prince's 'Most Beautiful Girl' and I was seriously blown away. I will try post the link and his other older songs like 'Go' and 'Julie' have become my absolute favvess. His EP '7 minutes before time' have some brilliant collabs Mark Asari (from Encore), Cleo Sol (who is a babeee!), Giggs, Sneakbo and more. So yess check that out! - 'Most Beautiful Girl In the World'

3. Bluey Robinson (Last but not least)
I've mentioned Bluey on my blog before and words just can't describe him... But I shall still talk about him hehe. He has been opening acts for Justin Bieber, Miguel and Alexis Jordan. You may have heard his song 'Showgirl' on the TalkTalk adverts which sponsor the X Factor, and well if you didn't hear it then you missed out...Soz. But yeah he is gifted with an amazing voice and he is deffo gonna be even bigger this year so look out for him.
One of my faves is his acoustic of 'Showgirl' it makes me smile every time!!

All of the above artist are going to be performing during Feb at HMV's Next Big Thing' at loads of different venue and its only £10!! Check out the website for more details

I think Bluey Robinson tickets have sold out already *cries* But there are plenty of other artists who are amazingly talented that will be performing.

Other artist who I think are really gonna get bigger this year are:
Childish Gambino ( Dunno if I've spelt it right but yeh :S )
Lana Del Ray
Cleo Sol ( like I said before baaabee! )
Jermaine Riley
Talay Riley
Loick Essien  (Also at HMV Next Big Thing)
Labrinth (He's already blowing up!) (Also at HMV Next Big Thing)
Yasmin (Talked about her before, she's amaze *sings 'I just wanna light up the woorrllldd'*) (Also at HMV Next Big Thing)
L Marshall (He was on Wretch 32 'Traktor') (Also at HMV Next Big Thing)
Teyanna Taylor (yehh BOO!)
Karmin (they've did that amazing cover of Chris Brown's 'Look at me now' with the rap part :O)

There are sooo many more comment if you think anybody else should have made my mini list.

Mucho Gracias for reading. @Misaayy xxxx