Saturday, 2 June 2012

UO, Creepers love.

I forgot to say happy June & Jubilee weekend guys :)
In my previous post I showed the leggings that I bought from urban outfitters, I've received loads of lovely compliments when wearing them so I thought I would take a picture for you guys.

The pic below is from a few weeks ago, love this baggy vintage jumper teamed with Creepers of course. 

Thanks, @Misaayy xxx

'i got it from my mamma'

Heey, just a quick post, showing some of my buys over like the past week or two.

So I went shopping yesterday yaay! It was also the last day of college :( I'm secretly sad about that but anyways yaay. Saw this bucket bag in H&M and I had to have it, I thought it was £14.99 but got to the till and it was actually a tenner!*hallelujah* How good is that? God knew I was on a budget and saved my ass ;) !

Anyhoo the leggings were also a bargain £10 from Urban Outfitters website but had to pay for postage *deep sigh*. The tank is also £10 from Topshop and perfect for this lovely warm weather. the black tank bottom left is vintage darlinng :) sings "I got it from my mammaa".

This is what I wore with my Topshop tank, it was a Topshop kinda day. Footwear - Creepers obviii.

Excuse the quality of the camera, its my shitberry :/ I was in a rush.
Thanks for reading, looking, peering..
@Misaayy xxx