Saturday, 12 May 2012

Jeepers CREEPERS!.

Hiyaa lovelies,
Finally got me creepers took me a while to actually like the shoes but I couldn't resist. Some people have a lot of hate for creepers, I was one of those people but I have been swayed. Just put your feet into a pair and you will see why, they are super comfy and so easy to wear.
I have some things in my wardrobe that I could see matching these, but my wardrobe does need a rejuvenation to be honest, hopefully these will do the trick!! They were only £32.00 from Parmers Shoes, almost half the price of the original Underground Wulfrun Creepers. Who btw do the best light pink creepers on ASOS that I fell in love with but they are £89.00 :( waaahhh. My purse can not take it!

So yeah there you have it, my creepers.

I'm hoping to get up some pics of my outfits with these, so lookout for some post very soon!

Thanks for reading!
@Misaayy xxx


  1. love those creepers
    really nice blog check mine out

    1. Thankyaa love :)
      Love your blog!!! (new follower/fan) lols xx