Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Angel.- Hot for 2012

Heeey lovely peopless,
I haven't done a music related blog post in a while and if you read some of my older posts you may have seen me talking about my musical love 'Angel'! He is just utterly immense. I've had a crush on him for goodness knows how long, his voice is ridiculously brilliant.

Check one of his many A64's
After that you'll understand my addiction to his voice :)

He is really going places this year if you haven't heard his single 'Go In Go Hard' with Wretch 32 you must have been sleeping for the past month. The single is going to feature on the Streetdance 2 soundtrack woop woop! He is going to be at Wireless Festival as well *dances* !!

Yepp I think I've covered  most things check out my other blog post for more links to his you tube vids or just check out his blog

Thanks for reading, @Misaayy xxx

Keep calm and love Angel!

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