Monday, 20 August 2012

'When you finally find whats beauutifuul...'

Sooo, guess what guyss...

 On Wednesday I met Angel, the love of my life heehe just kidding but seriously he is amazee! He's a singer/ songwriter/ producer I've posted about him before so check out older posts. The day was brill he sang a couple songs and answered a few questions so chilled out loved it!

 Just wanted to share my outfit I wore on that day. I finally got a Camo Jacket and I think I've fallen in love with it... I was soo tempted to get a vintage one but it never felt quite right but this one is perfecto. But I am thinking of accessorising it with some badges or sumthin different everyone is doing studs lately.. any suggestions leave a comment :)

The jacket is from Topshop £48.00 quite light and so easy to style I just chuck random things on with it but it has been so hot lately so I haven’t worn it that much -__-

Leggings (Topshop), Camo Jacket (Topshop), Top (Vintage), Vans (Footasylum)

And finally the pic everyone has been waiting for *drumroll*

Ta dahh! Ahhh he’s so beautt!
If you haven’t heard his single ‘Wonderful’ you must have been living in a cave check it out NOW –

Also Angel’s SBTV A64 of 'Wonderful' with Ed Sheeran and Michel Kiwanuka -

And finally Angel ft Chip ‘How Can I Lose’ with a Cameo from Eddie Kadi (watch out for his killer dance moves) -

Thankss for reading :)
@Misaayy xxx


  1. I've put loads of vintage badges on mine which you can get from any car boot sale or even charity shop :) xx

    1. I've started buying a few :) I will have to raid the charity shops soonish!

      Love your blog! Now following! :) xx

  2. Love that camo coat, I love the way you wore it. To make it look a bit different, ummm maybe change the buttons ? And yesh badges are always good too !
    Ammie (:

  3. Thankyouuu! I didn't even think bout buttons yep, I will deffo try that out thankss :) xx

  4. Just found your blog. Great style, love your pants!

    Hope you'll visit me, I'll be so grateful :)
    Kisses, Elena