Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Ed Sheeran's Mums Jewellery!!

Well if you are Ed Sheeran fans which I think everybody should be you would have probably discovered his mum's jewellery by now, which I might add is beyond cool. And if you haven't heard of Ed Sheeran or his mum's jewellery then it's a good thing your reading this post! These bracelets, necklaces and rings are already bursting onto the scene with Jameela Jamil and singer Yasmin sporting various bracelets. (They are my personal style crushes btw!)  

I'll start off with my fave which is the kit kat necklace..
I absolutely love that this necklace is so quirky and will definitely make you stand out. Who does love a good kit kat ayy?!

I struggled to pick my next favourite piece because to be honest I wanna buy all the jewellery she has to offer but unfortunately times are hard *heavy sigh*... so I shall just show you the ones that caught my attention.

                                    Donut necklace £5.00           Not the real thing bracelet £8.00       

                                           Scrabble ring £5.00            Summer Fruits Bracelet £6.00

                                Allsorts Festival Bracelet £12.00      Beanz Meanz Braceltez£8.00

Hope you enjoyed loviees! Check out the website to see more or to order, go on you know you want to! ;)

Also check out Ed's new single You Need Me I, Don't Need You on youtube.

Laters #TeenyVoice xxx


  1. omy these braclets are soo cool my friend has one and i really whant one so i am gonna get one finally

  2. Wooop wooop! Do it they're amazeballs :D