Monday, 1 August 2011

Awkward. - #ShyGirl

I absolutely loved the pilot for this show it had me roflingg! The show is getting a lot of mixed reviews in the US so I thought I may be the judge and check it out for myself.

I can relate to the show kinda which is cool for an MTV show because they usually don't capture teen life as it really is; but rest asure this does (Pheww!). It's all about a girl called Jenna who is seen battling with bullies, crushes and feeling invisible whilst being at high-school ( as the americans call it -__- ). Yes it sounds a little cliche but it is really worth a watch before you decide.

It's not actually being shown in the uk yet :/ and in case you cracking your brains wondering how I have managed to watch it, it was via the world wide web but keep it on the hushhush if you catch my drift! ;)

Keep on the look out for when its released in the UK, I shall also see if I can find more info :)

Laters peeps xxx


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